Friday, December 21, 2012

Karadayı 12 Bölüm Fragman 3 - Episode 12 Preview 3

Dalyan: They took him to infirmary. You guess the rest. Mahir: What are you talking about Feride! Yasin: His/her life is in danger. If you save him/her I will save Feride. ?: Unless Nazif Kara's pen's nib is broken no one will be satisfied. Ayten's sites: I call her but she is not responding. Mahir: Ayten! ?: I will assign you to the case. End it in one session. Feride: That was the reason why I was conducting the investigation secretly as well are hiding the evidences. Mahir: That day you cried… when you were devastated. I decided that moment.

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