Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Karadayı 13.Bölüm Fragman 2 - Ep. 13 Preview 2

0:01 He/She even know our nick names.
0:03 They call you Sir. You, Cagaloglu (a location in Istanbul where the major newspaper head quarter located in the past)
0:06 and you?
0:08 Yaver (executive assistant)
0:10 Whoever is this Yaver (Turgut) we have to discover him immediately.
0:13 Perhaps Yaver is not only a corrupted man but he is the the one who murdered Mr. Suleyman as well.
0:17 Just tell me if he will be there for sure.
0:20 Sure. We will lure him with a valuable bait.
SUMMARY of Episode 13:
After the kiss Feride and Mahir have some kind of confusion regarding how to behave to each other. Turgut is very depressed since he realized that Feride lost trust in him. However, he will try to regain her trust in every possible way. Necdet made a plan to make Mahir to go Yilan (snake) Berdan and his plan will be successful. Mahir will be lured. Feride's surprise follow will make the situation worst.

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